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Fast Track Weight Loss

Since 2005, we have been developing and continuously improving what we believe is the very best weight loss program available.  

We know that weight loss plays an integral role in achieving a happy and healthy lifestyle for many people. With that in mind, we’ve put together a program that focuses on dramatically increasing your metabolism, while teaching you how to eat correctly for fast weight loss.

30 minute workouts. No need to go hungry. Say goodbye to the hassle of counting calories or figuring out what to do in the gym every day. We’ve got you covered!

Fast Track Strength

There is no better feeling than to be strong and to know you can lift things without hurting.

With Fast Track Strength, you’ll focus on weight lifting to gain muscular strength and build lean muscle mass. This program is great for those looking to get stronger, faster, leaner, and maybe even beat a PR or two. Our strength coaches will get you there!

Fast Track Tone Up

We hear it all the time: “I just need to tone up my muscles.” And we know exactly what you mean!  

Building muscular strength is a fantastic way to decrease body fat and increase overall health. In this program, your trainer will put you on the fast track to improving strength and endurance, and help you achieve that lean look you’ve been searching for. This program is for all levels of fitness. From the rookies to the pros, we’d love to help you develop and progress your routine.  

"I was a self-proclaimed couch potato until age 50. While battling obesity and depression I took my doctor’s advice and joined STAR Fitness, doing personal training with Missy and a low carb diet. Now, 52, it’s safe to say that this new lifestyle is here to stay! I have lost 50 lbs and I have never felt better!."  

Julie Manuel 


"“I was referred to Emily from my mom who was seeing results from her personal training. I have been training eight months and I am very happy with my results. I have toned up and become stronger in every area. She is very personable and makes you look forward to your time at STAR Fitness.”  

Stephanie Zeller  

"I passed by Star Fitness for two years before I finally made the decision to try something different. At the time I weighed 215lb, drank at least 2 Red Bulls a day followed by Dr. Pepper. I had been a smoker for ten years and would also over-eat at every meal. 

A year ago I decided to quit smoking, give up caffeine, watch what I ate, and join a gym. Josh set me up with a diet and personally trained me for 3 months.  

Today I feel great! I’ve lost 20lbs and plan on never looking back!"  

Price Mabry  

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