FREE Healthy Aging Workshop

Learn how to maintain your independence and stay out of a nursing home.



Covington Clinic: Sept 22, 6:30 pm
STAR Fitness Center (Covington):
Sept 23, 10 am
Mandeville Clinic:
Sept 22, 6:30 pm
Slidell Clinic:
Sept 24, 6 pm
New Orleans East Clinic:
Sept 29, 6:30 pm
Lakefront / Gentilly Clinic:
Sept 24, 6:30 pm
Algiers Clinic:
Sept 23, 6:30 pm


You will learn:

  • The most common reasons people end up in a nursing home
  • Two tests that can tell you if you are at risk
  • Three things you can do NOW to stay independent
  • Seven components that we need to assess to determine our risk of losing independence
  • A live demonstration showing how someone's risk of entering a nursing home can be reduced in just 10 minutes!
  • ... and much more!

Do you worry about losing your independence?

Do you find yourself with less energy that just 2 years ago?

Have you noticed yourself becoming less active?

Do you worry that you may be becoming more forgetful?

Do you feel less stable than you were?

Are you concerned that if you don't make a change you may end up in a nursing home in 10 years?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Healthy Aging Workshop could be a life-changing event for you.

Now is the time to make small changes to see BIG improvements over time.

See what others have said.

"When I first came to Physical Therapy, I had trouble walking, stair climbing and sleeping because of the pain in my hips and knees.

Because of Physical Therapy I am now able to do all of those things with little to no pain. With the help of Rachel and the staff at STAR, I have gotten stronger and regained mobility that I thought I had lost forever.

Thank you for all your help and caring about my well-being."

Nemsie - Covington

I came here with little motion and balance. Quickly after starting physical therapy, I came off a walker and I did not have to use a cane for walking.

Muscle strength came back by the 4th visit. I was able to play golf and ride my motorcycle again.

Physical therapy gave me the ability to work on the construction sites. Thank you to the staff at STAR Physical Therapy!

Joseph - Algiers

"Over the course of my Physical Therapy I have gained strength, balance and confidence in my ability to accomplish my goal of driving again.

The team’s encouragement has been most beneficial."  

Clare - Mandeville

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